Portland-State-University 2023-2024 Bulletin

UnSt 222 Design Thinking/Innovation/Entrepreneurship

It’s not enough to observe and talk about the world’s problems; it’s up to PSU students to solve them. The Design Thinking / Innovation / Entrepreneurship (DTIE) cluster empowers students to develop the skills to deeply understand human and environmental needs and to address them with creative products and services. By using the Design Thinking methodology introduced in the Sophomore Inquiry course (UnSt 222) to identify needs, brainstorm solutions, incorporate feedback, iterate designs, and formulate enduring business models, students will work on projects that lead to lasting value. The cluster then allows students to harness innovation processes that will serve as touchstones in their careers and lives by drawing on approaches ranging from those used to create new social ventures in developing economies to entrepreneurial practices in Silicon Valley.


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