Portland-State-University 2022-2023 Bulletin

CPH 521 Social Determinants of Health

How do socioeconomic conditions “get under our skin”? Why and how socioeconomic inequalities translate into biological outcomes thus shaping health inequalities? What are the drivers of population health and what can we do about it? Such questions are analyzed and debated in this online course. The aim of this course is to comprehend theories, methods and evidence regarding the powerful influence of social and economic factors on public health. This introductory-level course aspires that students translate academic contents into public health practice. To that end, students will make readings about the social determinants of health, and will apply its contents to a chosen population to see first-hand how the social determinants affect the health of a chosen population. This assessment could lay the basics for culturally and economically congruent interventions/policies to mitigate health problems.


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