Portland-State-University 2022-2023 Bulletin

2022-2023 Bulletin

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Information in this Bulletin is accurate as of June, 2022. It has been compiled with care but may contain errors. Any errors discovered should be reported to the Office of Academic Affairs.

The Portland State University Bulletin is not a contract but rather a guide for the convenience of students. The University reserves the right to change or withdraw courses; to change the fees, rules, and calendar for admission, registration, instruction, and graduation; and to change other regulations affecting the student body, at any time.

Portland State University supports equal opportunity in admissions, education, employment, housing, and use of facilities by prohibiting discrimination in those areas based on age, color, disability, marital status, national origin, race, religion or creed, sex or gender, gender identity or gender expression, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any other basis in law. This policy implements state and federal laws. Inquiries about it should be directed to the Office of Equity and Compliance, 1600 SW 4th Avenue, Suite 830, Portland, OR 97201, 503-725-5919, or via email to equityandcompliance@pdx.edu; TTY: 503-725-6504.


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