__University__ 2022-2023 Bulletin

Certificate in European Studies

The European Studies certificate allows students to explore themes related to the continent’s history, politics, people, economy, and culture from a multidisciplinary perspective.

For the European Studies certificate students must take 24 credits of advisor-approved courses; discuss the options with an International & Global Studies advisor.

Students who meet PSU's Second Language B.A./M.A. Requirement will automatically be considered as having completed four out of 24 elective credits required for the certificates.

Study Abroad courses can count towards the Certificate when approved through the Course Substitution process. See an advisor for more details.

All courses used to satisfy the departmental certificate requirements, whether taken in the department or elsewhere, must be graded C or above. Courses taken under the undifferentiated grading option (pass/no pass) will not be accepted toward fulfilling departmental certificate requirements.