Portland-State-University 2022-2023 Bulletin

Art Practice—B.A./B.S.

Admission to the program is currently suspended.

The BA/BS is a liberal arts degree in visual art (88 credits). The studio art program provides a comprehensive view of studio art practices, applications, theories, and history, with an emphasis on trends in contemporary art. The first and second years focus on foundation courses including art history, drawing, art theory and design. During the second year the student is encouraged to begin sampling a variety of studio courses in printmaking, painting, drawing, sculpture, digital art and art and social practices. In the third and fourth years students select a focus, further developing their knowledge of visual language, media skills and the conceptual and expressive aspects of their work. Also, during the third and fourth years critical theory and professional practices in art are investigated, aiding the student in establishing a sense of place within the visual arts community.