Portland-State-University 2022-2023 Bulletin

Contemporary Art Practices M.F.A.

Degree requirements

Working with designated faculty during the first year, students are encouraged to explore new media, models and ideas as they develop a proposal for creative activity that culminates with a graduate project in their final year of the program.

Students are admitted conditionally and must pass a midpoint candidacy review to gain regular admission to the university and continue work towards their degree. (Students in-residency receive a candidacy review at the end of their first year; flexible-residency students are reviewed at the end of their second year.) 

Students complete 90 credits, distributed in the following way:

  • 40 credits Contemporary Art Practice/Directed Studies
  • 12 credits Visiting Artist Program/Group Critique
  • 12 credits Contemporary Art History/Theory
  • 8 credits Electives (outside School of Art+Design)
  • 12 credits Graduate Seminars
  • 6 credits Exhibition Project/Statement

Upon successful completion of the candidacy review students work with a faculty adviser in their specified concentration to produce their graduate project. The project is presented in a public exhibition or other appropriate form in the spring quarter of the second or third year.