Portland-State-University 2022-2023 Bulletin

Chemistry M.A.

Designed for the student who wishes to obtain an advanced degree in chemistry, but for whom the time commitment of a traditional research degree is not feasible, this program involves advanced coursework and a literature project.

The candidate must complete a minimum of 45 credits in approved graduate courses. Of these, 36 credits must be chosen from substantive classes at the graduate level, excluding Chem 501, Chem 503, Chem 505, Chem 507 and Chem 605.

For the M.A., if the student has not successfully completed two academic years of a foreign language at the undergraduate level, the student must show competence by examination.

Students need to complete (on their own timeline):

  • A total of 45 graduate-level credits (foreign languages classes cannot be applied to this requirement)
  • 36 credits of substantive coursework (graduate level: 510+) - up to 8 credits of which may be "approved" graduate-level classes outside Chemistry (e.g. Physics, Biology, System Science)
  • Department seminar (CH507) - offered each FWS term, enrollment required in all FWS terms in which the student is in the program.
  • Complete a 10+ page written report - give to the Chair of the Graduate Affairs Committee (GAC) before the ninth week of the term in which you expect to graduate (will be graded by Chemistry faculty: expect at least one round of revisions)
  • A foreign language requirement - can test out or take classes

An example of an enumeration of credits is as follows:
  • 9 500-level classes at 4 credits each = 36 credits
  • CH507 seminar (Fridays): 1 credit each FWS term enrolled, for 6 terms
  • CH501 research: 1 credit
  • CH505: graded literature paper: 2 credits