__University__ 2022-2023 Bulletin

Orientation and Mobility for Children, Youth, and Adults

The Orientation and Mobility Graduate Certificate is a 34 credit program that is designed to be stackable with the Special Education Master's Degree.

*There are options for applicants who are Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments to have up to 9 credits of recent graduate courses applied for a 25 credit pathway to add the O&M certificate. Appropriate application forms, transcripts, and syllabi are required.


SpEd 540Foundations of Education for the Visually Impaired Learner


SpEd 541Implications of Vision Problems of Children/Youth


SpEd 545Introduction to Orientation and Mobility and Independent Living Skills


SpEd 549Orientation and Mobility Methods


SpEd 550Orientation and Mobility Assessment and Instruction - Children


SpEd 551Orientation and Mobility Assessment and Instruction - Adults


SpEd 552Orientation and Mobility Advanced Techniques


12 credits of SpEd 554 Orientation and Mobility Practicum


Students complete 12 credits of Orientation and Mobility (O&M) practicum which is equal to 400 hours of clinical O&M experience that align with ACVREP requirements. O&M practicum credits are variable and may be taken in 3-12 credit increments across multiple terms depending upon the practicum placement hours and the availability of a supervising Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist (COMS). The O&M Program Coordinator works with students to arrange practicum placements based on geography, student interests, and availability of clinical partners within educational, rehabilitation and community settings. Students are eligible to sit for the certifying exam for Orientation and Mobility Specialists within 6 months of completing of coursework. A person may be certified after passing the national exam, submitting documentation of coursework completion, and with a signed documentation from the Program Coordinator.

Total Credit Hours: 34