Portland-State-University 2022-2023 Bulletin

Admission Requirements—Transfer Students

To be admitted as a transfer student, applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.25 in 30 transferable quarter credit hours of college work. Applicants who present a transferable associate’s degree or an Oregon Transfer Module (OTM) will be admitted with a minimum cumulative transferable GPA of 2.00. Students who have accumulated fewer than 30 transferable credits of college work must also meet the freshman admission requirements.

1. Writing proficiency requirement.  To be admitted as a transfer student, applicants must satisfactorily complete a writing course satisfying one of the University’s writing requirements (e.g. WR 121)  or its approved equivalent with a C- or better.

2. Second language proficiency requirement.  All resident applicants must meet the second language proficiency requirement described in 2e of the Freshman Admission Requirements section (p. 4).

3. Academic probation/disqualification from other institutions.  Academic probation/disqualification will not affect the admissibility of a student whose complete academic record meets the minimum admission requirements in effect at the time of application. 

4. Disciplinary disqualification.  A student who has been disqualified from another institution for disciplinary reasons must be eligible to re-enroll at that institution to be considered for admission to Portland State University. Students with extenuating circumstances may petition for a waiver of this policy. Other offices on campus may be consulted in evaluating requests for waivers. 

After review of circumstances, Portland State University may, for example, ask that you attend a different institution and reapply; decline to accept your application now or in the future; apply other possible conditions or restrictions to your application review.  


More information on transferring to PSU is available at www.pdx.edu/admissions/transfer.