Portland-State-University 2014-2015 Bulletin

Phl 481 Biomedical Ethics

A three-term sequence that provides a practical bioethics education in clinical health care, biomedical and behavioral research, and public policy. Phl 481/581: introduction to the concepts, methods, and literature of health care and biomedical research ethics, designed to familiarize participants with the basic definitions and arguments in the major topics of clinical and research ethics. Phl 482/582 and Phl 483/583: concepts and skills developed in 481/581 will be intensively examined; students take responsibility for several aspects of teaching. This is the first course in a sequence of three: Phl 481, Phl 482, and Phl 483 which must be taken in sequence. Also offered for graduate-level credit as Phl 581 and may be taken only once for credit.




Recommended prerequisite: an acquaintance with health care services.
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