Portland-State-University 2014-2015 Bulletin

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Karen Marrongelle, Interim Dean

Shelly Chabon, Associate Dean

Veronica Dujon, Associate Dean

Drake Mitchell, Associate Dean

Jennifer Chambers, Assistant Dean

Robert Mercer, Assistant Dean

Patrick Regan, Senior Director of Development

341 Cramer Hall, 503-725-3514


The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences provides an opportunity for students to obtain a liberal education—an education that both broadens and deepens their understanding of the major areas of knowledge and scholarship, and develops their expertise in an area of specialization. A liberal education is an education for life. It prepares students to make informed decisions about their lives and to think critically and analytically.

All students—Liberal Arts and Sciences majors as well as those from professional schools and programs—take a selection of courses that represent the three areas of the college: arts and letters, science, and social science. Course offerings range from those designed to provide a foundation for all baccalaureate degrees to those of an advanced, specialized nature.

Acquiring a balanced and integrated liberal education requires planning and consultation with an adviser. Faculty advisers in each department and program are available to help students structure their academic careers so they may get the most from their college experience.

The instructional units of the college include Anthropology, Applied Linguistics, Biology, Black Studies, Chemistry, Chicano/Latino Studies, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Economics, English, Environmental Science and Management, Geography, Geology, History, Indigenous Nations Studies, International Studies, Judaic Studies, Mathematics and Statistics, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Science Education, Sociology, Speech and Hearing Sciences, Systems Science, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and World Languages and Literatures.