Portland-State-University 2014-2015 Bulletin

Chicano/Latino Studies

150 Extended Studies Building (XSB)

503-725- 8499 or 503-725-3472


  • Minor in Chicano/Latino Studies
  • Certificate in Chicano/Latino Studies

Chicano/Latino studies is the interdisciplinary study of social, cultural, political, economic, and historical forces that have shaped the development of the people of Mexico and other Latin American countries in the United States over the past 300 years. Emphasis is on the experience of the Chicano and other Latinos as residents and citizens in the United States and not in their countries of origin or descent.

The Chicano/Latino experience predates from the mid-19th century when territories belonging to Mexico were occupied by the United States. Latinos living in the United States have, over the years, developed a rich and extensive literature. They have been involved in all aspects of American life and have made major contributions in all areas of society.

Graduates with a minor or certificate in Chicano/Latino studies will have augmented their major field of study by broadening their scope of knowledge. They will have gained important insight into a very different culture within U.S. borders. This increased awareness and insight will lead to successful interaction on many levels of society. Graduates also will be better prepared to enter the work force with its rapidly changing demographics.