Portland-State-University 2018-2019 Bulletin

Scholastic Standards Committee (SSC)

The SSC is a Faculty Senate committee charged with developing and recommending academic standards to maintain the integrity of the undergraduate program and academic transcripts of the University; developing, maintaining and implementing protocols regarding academic changes to the undergraduate transcript; reviewing and ruling on petitions for any retroactive change to the academic record such as a grade option change, drop, add, and extension of an incomplete beyond the one year deadline; and adjudicating student petitions for academic reinstatement to the University. Conferral of an accredited transferable Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree constitutes automatic reinstatement to the University once an official copy of a transcript with degree posted is presented to the Office of the Registrar. Petition forms to make retroactive changes to undergraduate academic record, or to seek reinstatement to the University may be obtained at www.pdx.edu/registration/petitions. Forms may also be obtained at the Registrar's Office, WH 21. For further information call 503-725-3220.