Portland-State-University 2023-2024 Bulletin

The School of Business

Office of the Dean

320 Karl Miller Center, 503-725-3721



Cliff Allen, Dean

Kathy Rupley, Associate Dean, Faculty & Research

Jacob Suher, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs

Melissa Appleyard, Associate Dean, Graduate Programs

Becky Sanchez, Assistant Dean of Student Success


Undergraduate Advising & Student Services Office

220 Karl Miller Center, 503-725-3712


Graduate Programs Office

215 Karl Miller Center, 503-725-8001


Career Center

410 Karl Miller Center, 503-725-6654

Undergraduate Programs

B.A., B.S. with concentrations in Accounting, Advertising Management, Business Technology & Analytics, Finance, Global Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing.

Business Minor, Business Minor in Social Innovation, Business Minor in Real Estate Property Management, Business Minor in Advertising Management, Advertising Minor (for communications majors), Advertising Minor (for graphic design majors), Property Management Minor.

Certificate in Blockchain, Certificate in International Business, Certificate in Food, Beverage & Goods Leadership, Certificate in Entrepreneurship, Certificate in the Athletic & Outdoor Industry, Certificate in Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship, Certificate in Real Estate Property Management, Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Accounting, Pre-baccalaureate Certificate in Consumer Retail. 

Graduate Programs 

M.B.A.—Master of Business Administration, M.S.—Master of Science in Applied Data Science for Business, M.S.—Master of Finance, M.S.—Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management, M.B.A. Healthcare— The Healthcare M.B.A., M.S.—Master of Science in Real Estate, MTAX -- Master of Taxation.

Certificate in Athletic & Outdoor Industry, Certificate in Business Intelligence & Analytics, Certificate in Global Supply Chain Management, Certificate in Enterprise Analytics, Certificate in Real Estate (administered by CUPA), Certificate in Social Innovation, Certificate in Taxation

Accreditation Status 

The School of Business and its programs are nationally accredited by AACSB — Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. The School’s accounting program has separate accreditation from the AACSB. Such accreditation means that The School of Business is part of the community of leading business schools that are recognized for their commitment to continuous quality improvement in management education through engagement, innovation, and impact. As an AACSB accredited institution, The School of Business holds itself accountable for improving business practice through scholarly education and impactful intellectual contributions.