Portland-State-University 2023-2024 Bulletin

School of Social Work

Junghee Lee, Interim Dean

Stephanie Bryson, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Cimone Campbell, Director of Student Affairs

Mary Oschwald, Director of Regional Research Institute for Human Services

Beth Green, Marty Lowry, Broke Rizor, Co-Directors, Center for Improvement of Child and Family Services

600 Academic & Student Recreation Center, 1800 SW SIXTH, 503-725-4712


  • B.A., B.S.—Child, Youth, and Family Studies
  • B.A., B.S. —Social Work
  • M.S.W.
  • Ph.D.

Founded in 1961 by the Oregon Legislature to serve the state's social work education needs, Portland State University's School of Social Work (SSW) is the only public institution in oregon awarding undergraduate or graduate degrees in Social Work and Child, Youth, and Family Studies.  Every year, we prepare over 1,000 students to meet the state's workforce needs.  More than half of Oregon's licensed social workers are PSU alumni.  Additionally, our nationally recognized research and workforce development centers help shape the future of social work and human services practice and annually generate $10M in research funding.

Following are the School of Social Work's Vision, Mission, Values, and Position statements:


We envision a world where all people lead fulfilling lives in affirming, just, and equitable communities.


Rooted in justice, relationship, and community collaboration, PSU SSW advances knowledge and creates social change through teaching, research, practice, and advocacy.


Created by the Oregon legislature to meet the workforce needs of the state, the PSU School of Social Work has evolved into a dynamic national leader of social change.  The School provides accessible interdisciplinary educational opportunities and actively works to bring structural change through the teaching, training, workforce development, research, and davocacy.


1.  Collective Care:  We strive to prioritize collective well-being and promote a culture of dignity and respect.

2.  Responsive Learning:  We strive to provide accessible, high-quality education focused on the transformation of self and society.

3.  Knowledge that Serves:  We strive to cultivate rigorous research and scholarship that creates change.

4.  Community Partnership?  By partnering and listening to communities, we strive to prepare skilled practitioners to address critical community issues.

5.  Social Change:  We work to create an economically, socially, and racially just world in which resources and opportunities are equitably distributed.

Strategic Priorities

In 2022, the School developed a new strategic plan with the following priority areas:

  • Enhance Community Impact
  • Enhance Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Improve Internal Systems That Support a Collective Culture
  • Innovate and Strengthen Funding Streams

The School has an educational program involving eight structural components: the Child, Youth and Family Studies (CYFS) program; the Baccalaureate Social Work (B.S.W.) program; the Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) program; the Distance M.S.W. Option; the Online M.S.W Option; the Ph.D. in Social Work and Social Research program; the Center for Improvement of Child and Family Services; and the Regional Research Institute for Human Services.