Portland-State-University 2023-2024 Bulletin

BA 325 Information Literacy & Technical Competence for Business Professionals

Presents the key information literacy skills future business leaders need to be successful. Data represent people, places, things, activities, and events in a business. Making sense of these data is the work of every business person at all levels of the organization. The course is designed to do three things; help students develop proficiency in MS Excel and Access software applications, (2) develop the thinking that is required for students to dive into data and make sense of it, and (3) introduce key information and technology related concepts of which every business person should be aware. Using adaptive technology (SimNet), the course is designed to provide students with working knowledge and a broad overview of applications they will utilize throughout their time at PSU and beyond. Students have long-term access to the SimNet library so the resource travels with them throughout their education and career.




BA 213, Ec 202, Stat 241 or Stat 243Z, BA 300 or concurrent registration in BA 300, and BA 301 or concurrent registration in BA 301.
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