Portland-State-University 2021-2022 Bulletin

Tuition and fee schedules/Regular tuition schedule

All students registered for coursework on or after the first day of the term have a financial obligation to the University. For more, information please see the Terms & Conditions of Payment at pdx.edu/student-financial/sites/www.pdx.edu.student-financial/files/Terms%26ConditionsofPayment.pdf.

Students should consult the tuition and fee listing at pdx.edu/student-financial/tuition-and-fees for up-to-date information and applicable tuition and fees. Students who enroll are financially responsible for all classes and credits in which they are registered on or after the first day of the term. All classes dropped are subject to the refund schedule as outlined at pdx.edu/student-financial/refunds.

Account statements are available monthly in electronic format to currently enrolled student with a balance due. Notices are emailed to pdx.edu email addresses on the 16th of every month. All tuition and fees may be paid online, by mail, or at Cashier’s Office located in Student Financial Services. Specific deadlines are available at pdx.edu/student-financial/the-psu-payment-plan.

Tuition and fees must be paid in full each term. At the start of each term, students must pay the balance in full or opt-in to the PSU Payment Plan by the first payment due date. After the due date, students with a balance will be enrolled in the Payment Plan and incur a late fee. Additional information is available at pdx.edu/student-financial/the-psu-payment-plan. Students may access their individual financial account balances by logging onto banweb.pdx.edu.

Tuition and fee calculation (Admitted) – One credit or more

Admitted students taking one credit or more are assessed tuition and fees according to their undergraduate/graduate and residency status. The level of courses in which students enroll is immaterial.

Restricted Differential Tuition and noncredit

Enrollment in these courses may not be combined with regular PSU credit courses for fee calculations. Restricted Differential Tuition courses have fees that are assessed in addition to any other tuition paid to the University.

Senior citizen fee schedule

Senior citizens are defined as persons age 65 or older who do not wish to earn course credit. Senior citizens who are Oregon residents are authorized to attend classes on a space-available basis without payment of tuition. Charges for special materials, if any, must be paid.

Incidental and Health Service fee privileges are not provided and the University does not maintain any records of enrollment. The registration receipt may be used to obtain a PSU ID Card.