Portland-State-University 2021-2022 Bulletin

Graduate School Programs

Rossitza B. Wooster
Dean of the Graduate School
184 Parkmill (1633 SW Park Avenue)


Portland State University graduate programs offer a variety of opportunities for advanced study and research, including preparation for academic or professional careers, continuation and improvement of skills for in-service professionals, personal intellectual enrichment, and professional development. More than 5,000 graduate students are enrolled in the University’s colleges and schools, and over 1,900 graduate degrees are awarded annually in the more than 80 master’s and the 21 doctoral programs.

The Graduate School oversees the University’s graduate programs in the interest of ensuring quality instruction and research and promoting the highest achievement of graduate students. It is the principal resource concerning graduate admission policies and procedures, advanced degree requirements, degree status, petition procedures, thesis or dissertation preparation, and final oral examinations.

All matters of graduate study are subject to the policies and procedures established by the Faculty Senate upon recommendation of the Graduate Council. The Graduate Council develops and recommends University policies and regulations for graduate studies, recommends standards for graduate courses and programs, and adjudicates petitions regarding graduate policies. The Dean of the Graduate School is responsible for conducting the affairs of the Graduate School and for certifying candidates who have fulfilled the requirements for advanced degrees.