Portland-State-University 2021-2022 Bulletin

Epi 540 Introduction to Research Proposal and Design

This course provides an introduction to research design and proposal writing. It builds upon concepts of epidemiology and biostatistics to enable students to develop a study plan to conduct public health research that is efficient, effective, and ethical. Writing a research proposal is a skill necessary in the professional practice of public health. During this course, students will prepare a written proposal that includes a concise statement of the epidemiologic research question, testable hypotheses, appropriate specific aims, and a plan of work. Students will learn how to formulate a logical argument to establish the significance of their question and to defend their approach. All of the elements of the study plan will be developed, including choice of design, sample size and power, sampling design and recruitment of subjects, measurement of predictor and outcome variables, control of bias and confounding, and statistical analysis. Limited time will be spent on an introduction to budget development and project management. The major product of the course is the completion of a research proposal, which will be prepared according to the submission requirements of a federal funding agency. The instructors will review written work with each student during the term to ensure that all required elements are included in the application.




Epi 512.
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