Portland-State-University 2021-2022 Bulletin

Epi 536 Epidemiological Data Analysis & Interpretation

Students will apply epidemiologic and biostatistical principles to the analysis of National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey (NHANES) data. Hypotheses are formulated based on the NHANES variables and a brief literature review of the public health need for the research. Students work in pairs to plan, organize, and conduct analyses leading to final oral and written presentations of their findings. Class time allows for hands-on experience with data quality assessment, preparation of datasets and variables for analysis, and multivariable modeling. Emphasis is on planning and communicating analytic plans that reflect the causal models generated by students and allow for assessment of confounding and interaction (effect measure modification).




Epi 512, Epi 513, Epi 514, Bsta 525, Bsta 512, and Bsta 513.
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