Portland-State-University 2021-2022 Bulletin

BA 495 Business Strategy

Capstone course for the SBA; should be taken in the student’s final term. This course meets University Studies’ Capstone requirement. Students learn to systematically analyze a firm’s internal and external environments and, through engagement with community partners, apply concepts and theories related to the formulation and implementation of business/organization strategies. Students join an interdisciplinary team; pool their knowledge, skills, and interests; use strategy to address a problem or concern of the community partner. Emphasis on multiple functions and perspectives to understand diverse management and stakeholder interpretations, conceive integrative solutions, and address social and organizational outcomes.




BA 301, BA 302, BA 303, BA 311, BA 325, BA 339, and BA 385. Priority to graduating seniors who have applied for graduation.
  • Up one level
  • 400