Portland-State-University 2021-2022 Bulletin

Interdisciplinary Studies: Arts and Letters, Liberal Studies, Science, Social Science

Suite 360 Fariborz Maseeh Fall (FMH)

  • B.A., B.S. (Arts and Letters, Liberal Studies, Science, and Social Science)

Programs which are of an interdisciplinary nature and which do not conveniently fit within the normal department areas are listed under Interdisciplinary Studies and Liberal Studies.

Students interested in Interdisciplinary Studies will complete their major requirements by taking a concentration of courses in the arts and letters or science or social science academic areas. Students interested in all three categories (arts and letters, science, and social science) major in Liberal Studies by taking upper-division courses across all three categories.

Outside of the requirement that Interdisciplinary Studies and Liberal Studies students take Wr 323 or a Writing Intensive Course (WIC), there are no specific courses required for the Interdisciplinary Studies and Liberal Studies majors. To take full advantage of the opportunities afforded these majors, students should plan a program which includes a coherent set of courses providing an in-depth study in the area of special interest as well as providing enhancement of problem-solving and communication skills.