Portland-State-University 2021-2022 Bulletin

Graduate programs

There are many options available for graduate study within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Students may specialize in any one of the many master’s programs or doctoral programs.

Master of Arts and Master of Science programs

Master of Arts and Master of Science degrees are designed for the student who wishes to conduct advanced studies in a particular discipline. Generally the programs are flexible enough for students, with the aid of an adviser, to design a program of study that allows them to pursue their particular interest. The requirements of each discipline are listed under the departments that have the M.A./M.S. option available.

Doctoral Programs

Departments in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences that offer doctoral programs include Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, and Sociology. Many other departments participate in one or more multi-disciplinary doctoral programs: Earth, Environment, and Society; Systems Science; and Urban Studies. The doctoral degree is for the person who wants the most advanced academic degree, generally with a life-long objective of expanding the scope of knowledge of a specialized field of study. The specific requirements of each available option are listed under the participating departments and programs.