Portland-State-University 2019-2020 Bulletin

Portland State University Board of Trustees

The Portland State University Board of Trustees is a 15-member volunteer board appointed by the Governor of Oregon. The Board is responsible for the governance of the University as provided in state laws that establish the University. The Board meets at least four times a year. Most of the work of the Board is done through the Board’s committees, which meet regularly throughout the year. The members of the Board elect their Chair and Vice Chair, are responsible for the employment and evaluation of the University President, establish the mission and strategic plan of the University, establish tuition and fee rates, approve the University budget and the incursion of debt, and perform other tasks as necessary. All actions of the Board are for the benefit of the University, its current and future students, faculty and staff, the Portland metropolitan area, and the State of Oregon.

The President of the University is an ex officio, non-voting member of the Board. In addition, the Board must include one faculty member, one staff member, and one student from the University. The faculty, staff and student members of the Board are appointed for two-year terms; all other trustees are appointed for four-year terms. Trustees are limited to two full consecutive terms. All trustees, except for the President, are appointed by the Governor of Oregon, subject to confirmation by the Oregon Senate. A list of the current trustees’ terms of office is here.

Current Members of the PSU Board of Trustees