Portland-State-University 2018-2019 Bulletin

Upper-Division Cluster

See the University Studies Program website (www.pdx.edu/unst) for descriptions of upper-division clusters and lists of approved cluster courses.

After their Sophomore Inquiry coursework, students select one of three clusters represented in their Sophomore Inquiry classes. From a list of courses approved for the selected cluster, students pursue a program of 12 upper-division credits offered by various departments across campus. These classes allow students to explore an aspect of the cluster’s theme in greater depth, while continuing to investigate the four University Studies goals in relation to the cluster topic.

Students might choose a cluster to broaden their perspective, allowing them the opportunity to take classes of interest outside their major, or students can choose a cluster to complement their major area of study. In either event, Upper-Division Cluster courses may not be used to fulfill a student’s major requirement. In addition, students cannot take cluster courses in their major or courses cross listed with their majors.