Portland-State-University 2018-2019 Bulletin

Sophomore Inquiry

See the University Studies Program website (www.pdx.edu/unst) or online schedule of courses for course descriptions.

At the sophomore level, students complete 12 credits of coursework in Sophomore Inquiry. Students select three Sophomore Inquiry classes. Sophomore Inquiry classes are structured similarly to those in Freshman Inquiry with a main class and smaller mentor inquiry workshops, except at this level the mentor classes are led by graduate students. Mentor inquiry workshops focus on weekly learning modules on study skills, writing, technology training, group dynamics, ePortfolio presentation and speech and oral communication.

Sophomore Inquiry classes maintain an interdisciplinary approach to their individual topics, and continue to emphasize the four University Studies goals of inquiry and critical thinking, communication, the diversity of human experience, and ethics and social responsibility. Each Sophomore Inquiry class also provides an introduction to important concepts, questions, and concerns that will be explored in greater depth in the upper-division cluster courses to which it is linked.