Portland-State-University 2018-2019 Bulletin

Freshman Inquiry

See the University Studies Program website (www.pdx.edu/unst) for course descriptions

Freshman Inquiry consists of a year-long course developed by a team of faculty from different disciplines. Freshman Inquiry has a maximum class size of 36 students. Each class is also divided into three small-group, peer mentor sessions led by specially selected upper-division students. Class material is introduced and explored during the full class sessions and then assignments are developed and discussed in the peer mentor sessions.

While the themes and content of the Freshman Inquiry courses differ, the overall objectives are the same. Each of these classes builds a foundation of communication skills for learning and expression. Writing is the core, but communication also includes emphasis on improving oral, quantitative reasoning, and graphic/visual modes of communication. Freshman Inquiry is also designed to help students learn and effectively use current information technologies. Students will also learn how disciplines from the sciences, social sciences, humanities, and professional schools approach problems in different ways and how they work together to improve understanding of complex issues.

When students complete Freshman Inquiry they will be expected to be able to apply writing, quantitative reasoning, speech, and visual/graphic skills to problems requiring analysis and discovery. Freshman Inquiry will expand awareness of academic potential and prepare students to move on to increasingly rigorous and sophisticated levels of inquiry.