Portland-State-University 2017-2018 Bulletin

Student status

New and continuing students at Portland State University should plan their study programs and workloads with a knowledge of the fee and tuition schedules of the institution. The Portland State Board of Trustees reserves the right to change the schedule of tuition and fees without notice. Additionally, certain charges set by the University are also subject to change.

Most laboratory and class materials are included in the tuition and fees payment, but certain classes do require special deposit charges, surcharges, or costs to cover materials. These charges are listed in the class descriptions under the PSU Class Schedule registration page located at sa.pdx.edu/soc/.

An admitted student is defined as a resident or nonresident undergraduate, post baccalaureate, or graduate student enrolled for 1 or more credit and currently admitted to the University. Admitted students will be assessed tuition and fees based on enrollment status. Admitted students are entitled entry to PSU home athletic events (with the exception of playoff games and social events), and use of University resources, including the Library, Center for Student Health and Counseling (SHAC), and Student Recreation Center. Students taking 5 or more credits will be billed a health service fee as part of their tuition and fees. No reduction in the total charge is made to those students who do not intend to use specific resources or services. Student taking 5 or more credits are also entitled to Student Health Insurance at an additional cost. More information can be found at pdx.edu/shac/psu-student-health-insurance-information.

All non-admitted part-time students, taking 1 to 8 credits, pay tuition and fees according to the level of the course(s) in which they enroll. Courses numbered 499 or below are assessed at the undergraduate rate; courses numbered 500 and above are assessed at the graduate rate. Part-time students enrolled in 4 or less hours are not entitled to health services or insurance. Residency and admission requirements are waived for students in this category. Visit pdx.edu/registration/enrollment-status#/ for more information.