Portland-State-University 2016-2017 Bulletin

Office of Global Diversity and Inclusion



The Office of Global Diversity & Inclusion includes the Office of Equity & Compliance and the Office of Diversity Advocacy.

The Office of Global Diversity & Inclusion’s mission is to create a positive campus climate that celebrates diversity, builds partnerships, promotes equity, and supports the entire campus community.

The Office of Global Diversity & Inclusion‘s vision is to promote the value diversity brings to the campus by helping to create an inclusive and culturally respectful university environment.

Diversity Action Plan Objectives:

  1. Produce graduates who can be leaders in a global community.
  2. Ensure that diversity is incorporated into the curriculum.
  3. Create an environment that is welcoming, inclusive and diverse.
  4. Create more robust communication channels to bring the world to the campus and the campus to the world.
  5. Endorse a cultural competency training plan campus wide.
  6. Recruit and retain diverse faculty & staff.
  7. Recruit and retain a greater number of historically underrepresented, underserved and international students.
  8. Develop and support relationships with community, alumni and other partners.

For more detailed information about our functions, anti-discrimination policies, sexual harassment policy and complaint procedures, contact our office by phone at 503-725-5919, TTY 503-725-6504. The Office of Global Diversity & Inclusion is located in the Market Center Building, Suite 830. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.