Portland-State-University 2014-2015 Bulletin

Ph 547 Microelectronic Device Fabrication III

The third part of this series starts with the techniques required to pattern the nanoscale structures on wafers. These techniques include electron beam, x-ray, EUV, and photolithography, including discussion of resist technology. This is followed by methods to produce these structures using wet and dry methods. Discussion of dry processing includes fundamentals and applications of plasmas for etching and deposition (e.g., high-density plasmas), including plasma damage. The limitations of fabrication and operation of nano-scale devices are discussed. Special project for this class will involve fabrication of a virtual device (bipolar junction transistor) with specified electrical performance parameters using the virtual fab software. Also offered for undergraduate-level credit as Ph 447 and may be taken only once for credit.




Prerequisite: Ph 446 or Ph 546 or consent of instructor.
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