Portland-State-University 2014-2015 Bulletin

Hst 385U The Modern Middle East I

A two-quarter survey of the social, cultural, economic, and political history of the Middle East from the eighteenth century to the present day. Hst 385: The Modern Middle East I. Overview of the Ottoman and Qajar Empires from the 18th century till the outbreak of World War I. Coverage of key themes such as imperialism, political reform, sectarianism, constitutionalism, and revolution. Hst 386: The Modern Middle East II. Overview of the Middle East since World War I. Discussion of colonialism and nationalism, emergence of mass society, economic development, birth of the Arab-Israeli conflict, Cold War, oil, and the rise of political Islam. This is the first course in a sequence of two: Hst 385 and Hst 386.


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