Portland-State-University 2022-2023 Bulletin

Bachelor's + Master's Pathway

The Bachelors+Masters Pathway allows currently admitted PSU BSCE or BSENVE students to get a head-start on their master's degree. Undergraduate students admitted into the Bachelors+Masters Pathway are able to take up to 16 credit hours of electives taken at 500 level and apply these credits to both their undergraduate and graduate degree requirements. This benefit of shared coursework credit effectively shortens the minimum time required to complete the master’s degree. The CEE Master’s program requires meeting the appropriate core and elective course requirements for an individual speciality area in structural, geotechnical, transportation, or environmental and water resources engineering.


Pathway students must still apply to the Graduate Program and will be admitted to the CEE Master’s graduate program as long as the Bachelors+Masters Pathway continuation criteria are satisfied. Students must start their master's program within one academic year of BSCE/BSENVE graduation in order to use their pathway courses towards their master's degree. Students not meeting the continuation criteria can still apply for admission to the master’s degree program without the benefits of shared coursework credits.


As an undergraduate student, the cost of the 500 level credits will be at the undergraduate tuition rate. Post-bac students will be charged graduate rates per PSU policy. To be eligible for the Pathway program, students must meet the PSU institutional requirement for residency for the undergraduate degree program (45 of the last 60 credits to be taken in residence at PSU).

Application of Shared Coursework Credits

Once a Bachelors+Masters Pathway student is formally admitted into the graduate CEE program, the Department will request the 500 level credits taken as an undergraduate to be applied to the master's degree. Note that:
● Only coursework with a grade of B, or higher, will be applied.
● Any coursework taken prior to formal admission into the Bachelors+Masters Pathway is not eligible for
shared credit.

Admission Criteria to Pathway Program

Students that meet the following admission criteria for the Bachelors+Masters Pathway will receive notificationfrom the CEE Department that they are eligible to be enrolled in the program:
● Formally admitted into the PSU BSCE/BSENVE Program.
● Completed 16 credit hours of approved 300 or 400 level upper division BSCE/BSENVE coursework,
excluding university studies upper division cluster courses.
● Institutional GPA of 3.30 at time of eligibility notification.
Eligible students must respond to the CEE Department eligibility notification with intent to join the pathway
program by April 15th of the same year to be admitted to the Pathway.

Continuation Criteria Pathway Program

● Maintain an institutional GPA of 3.30 through to completion of BSCE/BSENVE degree
● Enroll in CEE Master’s graduate program within 1 year of graduation from BSCE/BSENVE