Portland-State-University 2022-2023 Bulletin

Dual master's degrees

A student may work toward the completion of the requirements for two PSU master’s degrees in complementary disciplines or toward a master's degree at PSU and a partner university when there is a formal agreement between the two institutions. Dual master's degrees allow for sharing of credits between the two degrees. The credits to be shared between both master's degrees cannot exceed one-third of the required credits for a degree. If the two degrees have different total credit requirements, the one-third limit is determined by the smaller total credit requirement. Only coursework can be shared between two master's degrees; comprehensive exam, internship, practicum, project, thesis, or other culminating activity cannot be shared. Students are limited to one use of one dual master's degree allowance at PSU. Dual degree credits must be approved by the student's departments and the Graduate School with a Dual Degree Form (GO-14).