Portland-State-University 2022-2023 Bulletin

Cancellation of admission to graduate program

If a student does not validate admission by registering and paying for at least 1 credit at PSU in the term of admission, that admission will be canceled unless the student contacts Graduate Admissions and requests that the admission be updated to another term within a one-year period. If the student does not validate admission within a one-year period, the admission will be canceled and the student must submit a new application and a new application fee.

A student with validated admission to a graduate certificate or degree program who during a one-year period (1) does not have an approved leave of absence and (2) does not successfully complete a graduate course in the approved program of study for the degree OR does not make satisfactory progress toward the degree (as determined by the department) may have admission to the degree program canceled. Additionally, a doctoral student who has not been registered for three years will have admission to the degree program canceled. For further information, students are urged to contact individual departments for departmental policies and practices.