Portland-State-University 2021-2022 Bulletin

International Partnerships

Director: Sally S. Mudiamu
Karl Miller Center, 630D 

The Office of International Partnerships (OIP) is the focal point for all Portland State University international partnerships. PSU is committed to developing robust, multi-faceted partnerships that include transfer & pathway programs, study abroad at PSU, short-term special programs, education abroad for PSU students, collaborative online international learning, alumni involvement, private sector engagements, and scholarly exchange. Linking these opportunities together under the umbrella of a single comprehensive partnership facilitates a rich international experience for PSU students and faculty. OIP manages 293 partnerships in 54 countries and serves as a bridge to connect PSU faculty and staff to international opportunities. OIP also provides robust cultural and institutional expertise to PSU faculty, staff, and international partners seeking to navigate the complex international university landscape.