Portland-State-University 2021-2022 Bulletin

Art 271 Introduction to Printmaking: Etching

A studio focused course concentrating on the Intaglio method of Printmaking also identified as "Etching". This specialized technique will introduce basic theories, practice and concepts unique to historic, traditional/nontraditional and contemporary Printmaking methodology. Monoprinting (one of a kind image making processes) and edition printing ­sequential image making will be explored. Technical processes of black and white drypoint, etching and softground will be at the core of the students investigation. Understanding manipulation of technical processes unique to etching, additive and subtractive processes will be equally explored. Graphic languages developed through researching historical and contemporary influences will be presented to inspire and stimulate the students imagination and knowledge of graphic languages. Sequential thinking processes and theory will also be addressed. Zinc and copper plates will be the central focus of this introductory course. May be repeated twice for credit. Maximum 8 credits.


Art 131
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