Portland-State-University 2021-2022 Bulletin

Public Administration

650 Urban Center



The Department of Public Administration offers a variety of programs to meet the educational needs of public service professionals. Mid-career managers and those intending such careers in federal, state, and local government; nonprofit agencies; and hospitals and other health care organizations are attracted to the programs offered by the department because of the quality of the faculty, the reputation of the programs, and the convenience of course scheduling. In addition to its own faculty and course offerings, the Department of Public Administration draws upon faculty and courses from other departments and schools, such as political science, economics, criminology and criminal justice, urban studies and planning, gerontology, and public health. Adjunct faculty with appropriate academic credentials and significant professional experience in government, nonprofit, and health organizations also contribute to the department.

The graduate programs offered under the Department of Public Administration admit students with undergraduate degrees in a variety of social sciences, as well as in business, the humanities, and sciences. It accepts both full- and part-time students, who have had substantial governmental and nonprofit experience, and who have little or no professional experience. To accommodate graduate students who are currently working, the department offers sections of all required courses in the evenings or late afternoons or in intensive weekend formats.


The Master of Public Administration, the Master of Public Administration: Health Administration and the Executive Master of Public Administration degrees are accredited by NASPAA (the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs and Administration).

Doctoral students

See the graduate program within the Hatfield School of Government for details under the Doctor of Philosophy in Public Affairs and Policy.