Portland-State-University 2021-2022 Bulletin

Research Centers and Institutes

Center for Urban Studies

320 Urban Center




The Center for Urban Studies, established in 1966, is a multidisciplinary research unit that promotes and facilitates research and community service for faculty and students on urban and metropolitan issues.  CUS research on urban and regional systems and policy includes issues such as planning and growth management, sustainability, energy, transportation, economic development, and housing and equity.  Center for Urban Studies faculty are frequently engaged with policy-making institutions at the metropolitan, regional, and national levels, and CUS provides an infrastructure for the community to access the expertise and resources of the university.  Faculty scholarship is presented at public forums and in academic journals and conferences.  Private, public, and nonprofit organizations, as well as the community, can access expertise and services through CUS.

The center houses the PSU-China Innovations in Urbanization Program, promoting dialogue and exchanges among professionals, students, and scholars in the U.S. and China. 

Center for Real Estate

631 SW Harrison, Room 270



In 2004, the Center for Real Estate was formed as a partnership between PSU’s acclaimed Schools of Urban Studies and Planning and Business Administration to manage the real estate programs at Portland State and serve as the vital link between the University and the real estate community.  Consisting of an Executive Director, an Academic Director, and a Program Manager, the Center staff work with employers to not only meet their internship and employment needs, but also provide them with valuable updates on the real estate industry through the Center’s annual real estate conference.

The Center’s PSU Real Estate Quarterly publication showcases articles on innovation in the real estate industry and trends affecting the real estate market, regional planning and the regional economy.

The Center supports four real estate degree programs at Portland State University:  a Master of Real Estate Development, a Graduate Certificate in Real Estate Development, and an Undergraduate Minor in Real Estate Development.  Faculty from both the Nohad A. Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning and the School of Business Administration teach the courses within each program.

Center address:  School of Business Administration, 631 SW Harrison Street, Room 270.

Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies

320 Urban Center




The Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies (IMS) is a neutral source of information and analysis about the issues facing the metropolitan region. A service and resource center in the College of Urban and Public Affairs at Portland State University, the Institute’s mission is to advance the economic, environmental, and social goals of the Portland metropolitan region by gathering and disseminating credible information, convening regional partners, and stimulating dialogue and action about critical regional issues. IMS also serves as a portal to other resources of higher education for the region’s communities.

The IMS sponsors research, holds forums and seminars, and gathers and disseminates data about the outcomes most important to the leaders and citizens of the Portland metropolitan area. By engaging students in its work, IMS offers opportunities to learn about regional issues and contribute to creative approaches to our most important challenges.

The IMS has an external governing board that ensures that its activities are aligned with the priorities of the leaders and residents of the region. Drawn from throughout the metropolitan region and from among private, public, and nonprofit sectors, the IMS fosters regional collaboration and dialogue among the region’s key community leaders. It is a resource for all departments at PSU and collaborates with higher education institutions across the state.