Portland-State-University 2021-2022 Bulletin


Students are responsible for dropping courses they do not wish to attend. Non-attendance does not cancel tuition charges, nor does it prevent the course and grade from appearing on the student’s academic record.  The University reserves the right to drop students who do not attend classes or do not have the proper prerequisites. Some academic departments administratively drop student who not not attend class on the first class meeting. If this happens, the student 1) remains responsible for any tuition charges associated with the registration, and 2) the course may be recorded permanently on the academic record, depending on when the department processes the drop. Students with mitigating circumstances who cannot attend class on the first day should notify the instructor or academic department as soon as possible to avoid being administratively dropped. Note: Students receiving state or federal aid who receive all X, M, NP, W, or F grades for a term whose attendance during that term cannot be verified, are subject to having all their funds returned.