Portland-State-University 2019-2020 Bulletin

Missed Class Policy

Purpose: This policy is to provide students who miss class or examinations a process to make up examinations or other graded in-class work, unless it can be shown that such an accommodation would compromise essential learning outcomes or constitute an unreasonable burden on the instructor.

Rationale: Portland State University recognizes that students carry many responsibilities with them into the classroom, which may both enrich their educational experience and make it more challenging. These include university-sanctioned activities in which the student serves as a representative to the university such as student congress, athletics, drama, and academic meetings.


  • Students involved in university sanctioned or other legitimate activities, such as illness and family emergency.
  • Activity program directors.
  • Instructors of students who participate in university-sanctioned activities, including faculty, academic professionals, administrative staff, and teaching assistants.

Policy: It is the responsibility of each instructor to determine and publish the class attendance policy in the course syllabus and distribute to the enrolled students at the beginning of the quarter. The instructor may approve absences at their discretion, in accordance with this policy. It is the responsibility of the student to inform the instructor of absences due to university-sanctioned events or personal responsibilities in writing at the earliest possible opportunity. If a student must miss class due to an unforeseen event, the student must inform the instructor of the reason for the absence. Absences not cleared with an instructor before the specific class event (exam, presentation, assignment due) may require  documentation/substantiation at the instructor's discretion. If the instructor decides that the absence is justifiable, then they should attempt to provide opportunities for equivalent work. When absences are approved beforehand by the student and instructor, the instructor will allow students to make up missed work and/or give an option to attain attendance points. When there is a dispute between students and instructors over the opportunity to make up work or attendances, the issue will be adjudicated by the chair of the department and then (only if needed) the dean of that school or theirr designee. The student may not place any undue burden on the instructor to provide opportunities to make up course work due to excused absences.