Portland-State-University 2019-2020 Bulletin

President's List and Dean's List Awards

Portland State University recognizes and honors the academic accomplishments of our undergraduate students each term by awarding placement on the Dean’s List and the President’s List. High achieving students, as indicated by grade point averages, are placed on the Dean’s or the President’s List according to the criteria established by the Council of Deans. Dean’s List and President’s List awards are only given to undergraduate students who have not yet earned a baccalaureate degree. The awards are given at the end of each term and are not recalculated based on grade changes or the removal of incomplete grades. The award is acknowledged with a notation on the student’s academic transcript.


Students who have a term GPA of 4.00 are placed on the President’s List, and students who have a term GPA of 3.75-3.99 are placed on the Dean’s List.

Students on both lists must be admitted undergraduate students with a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or better, carrying 12 credits or more (excluding AU and P/NP credits).


Admitted undergraduate students with a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or better, carrying fewer than 12 credits for a given term may qualify for the President’s List (4.00 GPA) or Dean’s List (3.75-3.99 GPA) if both of the following conditions are met:

  • A minimum of three part-time terms must be completed in succession, without interruption by either a term of full-time enrollment or the awarding of Dean’s List or President’s List
  • At least 12 credits (excluding AU and P/NP credits) must be earned over the combined part-time terms and the student must have an average GPA of 4.00 (President’s List) or 3.75-3.99 (Dean’s List) over the combined terms