Portland-State-University 2019-2020 Bulletin

Undergraduate programs

The undergraduate program in business administration adheres to the principle that in a free society the business enterprise must be responsibly and efficiently managed. The undergraduate degree program includes both business and non-business courses. The mission of the undergraduate program is to provide students with a broad understanding of business and to equip them with the dynamic skills required to work successfully in a complex and changing global environment.

Special emphasis options are available within the business administration major and are designed to prepare students for positions in accounting, advertising, finance, human resource management, management & leadership, marketing, and supply chain management.  A business minor is available for all non-business majors as is the advertising minor for graphic design or communications majors. Certificates in entrepreneurship, food industry management, the athletic and outdoor industry, international business, and social innovation & social entrepreneurship are also available. The School of Business offers study abroad opportunities at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The School of Business offers online business concentrations in Management & Leadership, Human Resource Management or Supply & Logistics Management. 

Student advising

Undergraduate academic and career advisors are located in the Karl Miller Center Suite 220. Students should make appointments with their advisor at least twice a year to ensure that requirements are being met and to discuss their career plans.

The School of Business Web site, http://www.pdx.edu/sba, contains announcements concerning upcoming activities, scholarships, policies, and other information vital to all business students. Information about student organizations, internships, and career opportunities can also be found there.