Portland-State-University 2018-2019 Bulletin

School Counseling Licensing

The school counseling specialization has three options: track I, track II, and licensure only.

Track I & Track II

The school counseling specialization prepares individuals to work as counselors in school settings. Emphasis is placed on preparing school counselors to work with students to support them in the process of achieving academic, career, and personal/social success. Students who have a teaching license and two years teaching experience take 6 additional elective credits (Track I). Students who cannot document a teaching license and two years of teaching experience must complete a 6-credit, 200- hour Effective Teaching sequence to obtain licensure as a school counselor (see “Licensure") (Track II).

Licensure only

Students enrolled in the licensure only option must be graduates from an accredited master’s program in counseling, psychology, or social work that required a clinical practicum focused on individual and group counseling skills. Graduate degrees in teaching or education are not accepted. The program is designed to meet the requirements for the Initial School Counselor License approved by TSPC. Students must complete 33 credits in the school counseling core to be eligible for the Initial School Counselor license.

All students in the licensure only option must take the school counseling specialization core courses. The Teacher Standards and Practices Commission requires school counselors to have two years’ experience as a licensed teacher in a public school setting. Individuals in need of the teaching requirement must take the six-credit, 200-clock-hour teaching experience sequence.

All students (track I, track II, and licensure only) are required to:

  • Pass ORELA Protecting Student and Civil Rights in the Educational Environment test.
  • Be fingerprinted and clear Oregon State Police and FBI background checks.
  • Complete a school counseling action research or related project and professional portfolio documenting the knowledge, skills, and competencies required by TSPC.
  • Complete a 600-clock-hour internship; internship includes placement in an early childhood/elementary and/or in a middle/high school setting.
  • Have two years’ teaching experience. Students without two years’ teaching experience must complete a 200-hour teaching experience practicum in a year-long 6-credit course sequence.

Additional information about requirements and specific courses can be obtained from members of the Counselor Education faculty responsible for advising students in the school counseling specialization.