Portland-State-University 2018-2019 Bulletin

Literacy Education/Reading Endorsement

The GSE on-campus literacy program offers face-to-face and hybrid courses designed to help preservice and inservice teachers become stronger teachers of literacy and to help teachers develop literacy leadership skills.

Students in the Literacy Education Program will:

  • Develop a theoretically-grounded, research-based, multi-faceted view of reading, writing, speaking, and listening with a focus on meaning making.
  • Examine the roles of and language in literacy development, assessment, and instruction.
  • Evaluate the strengths and limitations of assessment tools and assessment plans.
  • Use a constellation of assessments to identify students' complex patterns of literacy strengths and needs.
  • Design targeted, culturally-responsive instruction.
  • Plan family literacy outreach and facilitate literacy professional development experiences for colleagues.
  • Master the International Literacy Association standards for reading specialists and literacy coaches.
On-Campus program options include:
  • A 25-credit reading endorsement program 
  • A 12-credit certificate of completion


The PSU reading endorsement program is a 25-credit program including a core of 16 credits, 3 credits of practicum, and 6 credits of electives. The program is designed to prepare students for careers as Title I teachers, reading specialists, literacy coaches, consultants, and district-level reading and language arts coordinators. A reading endorsement is also very useful for classroom teachers wishing do develop stronger knowledge about literacy and about teaching students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

Completion of the following coursework, the PRAXIS Specialty Area Exam in Reading, and a 90 hour practicum are required for an Oregon Reading (Intervention) Endorsement. No 400 or 800 level courses are accepted.


Core (16 credits)

CI 522Literacy Foundations


CI 528Literacy Assessment for Reading Specialists


CI 529School Reading Program Leadership


CI 536Language, Literacy, and Culture


CI 574Assessing and Teaching Struggling Elementary Readers


Practicum (3 credits)

CI 509Practicum: Reading Endorsement


Electives (6 credits chosen in consultation with advisor)

CI 572Language and Literacy in Early Childhood Education


CI 547Advanced Elementary Literacy Methods


CI 520Linguistics for Teachers


CI 524Writing Workshop


CI 527Literature in Classrooms K-8


CI 531Facilitating Content Area Literacy Strategies


Lib 529Young Adult Literature


Total Credit Hours: 25