Portland-State-University 2017-2018 Bulletin

Healthcare MBA

The Healthcare MBA is a joint degree program offered by Portland State University’s School of Business and the Oregon Health & Science University’s School of Medicine. The Healthcare MBA is offered in a part-time, three-year format. Courses are online with two required residencies per term. Students in this program learn the knowledge, skills, and tools to function as effective managers and leaders in healthcare organizations. Specifically, graduates will be able to:

  • Understand the complex healthcare system across critical domains and scales that influence healthcare policy and operations and apply this understanding to their own professional situation and organization.
  • Analyze complex and ambiguous issues in healthcare and reason toward solutions that are innovative in healthcare contexts. 
  • Accurately read and regulate one's own strengths, weaknesses and emotions; demonstrate awareness and skill in collaborating with others who have different reactions and perspectives. 
  • Communicate in a manner that appropriately and thoughtfully informs, influences and inspires diverse stakeholders. 

The curriculum consists of 72 credits of courses and is arranged in thematic categories: Healthcare System, Leadership, Operations and Quality, Business and Financial Planning, and Application Projects and Capstone. Courses balance theory and knowledge with practical application.  Healthcare is thoroughly integrated throughout the curriculum; however, where appropriate, attention will be called to best practices in other industries that could be beneficial in healthcare.  Faculty are a blend of OHSU and PSU faculty and healthcare practitioners.  The student cohort is comprised of individuals in roles across the healthcare spectrum, including those serving in direct patient care capacities as well as those in administration and behind-the-scene capacities; students represent large and small healthcare systems, small clinics, government and think-tanks, biotech industry, pharmaceuticals, research, medical device companies, and many more.