__University__ 2017-2018 Bulletin

Business Intelligence and Analytics Graduate Certificate

The Certificate in Business Intelligence and Analytics (Grad Cert BIA) is designed to meet the growing demand for advanced data analysis and communication skills. These skills will permit graduates to optimize the interconnection of devices, analyze large quantities of data, and harness information into useful decision-making models.

This certificate is intended for those who want to optimize their quantitative skills and develop the competence required to communicate data driven decisions within their organizations. The Grad Cert BIA graduate will be able to analyze ever growing quantities of data and contextualize this information through four areas of study; engineering management, systems science, mathematical statistics, and business communications.


Incoming students are required to have taken a course in advanced math statistics, and computer science as prerequisites.


ETM 538Decision Support Systems: Data Warehousing


ETM 540Operations Research


Stat 564Applied Regression Analysis


SySc 531Data Mining with Information Theory


ISQA 520Introduction to Business Intelligence and Analytics


ISQA 521Analytics Communication and Management


Total Credit Hours:21
ETM 538, ETM 540, Stat 564, and SySc 531 may be taken in any order but are prerequisites for ISQA 520; ISQA 520 is a corequisite to ISQA 521.