Portland-State-University 2017-2018 Bulletin

Eligibility and admission

Interested students must complete the additional Urban Honors application questions available as part of the PSU undergraduate application. Current PSU students wishing to transfer into the Urban Honors College should see the Honors website for instructions on completing an application: www.pdx.edu/honors. In order to be admitted to the Urban Honors College, all students must first be admitted to Portland State University.

Minimum criteria for admission:

First-year students (entering from high school):

  • 3.50 cumulative unweighted high school GPA


  • 1200 on the SAT


  • 27 on the ACT

Transfer/Current PSU students:
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher in college-level courses

Please note: Students who do not meet these criteria but can provide examples of outstanding achievements or document extenuating circumstances are also invited to apply. Letters of recommendation will be considered as part of the application.