Portland-State-University 2016-2017 Bulletin

Admission requirements

Policy on admission to undergraduate programs

Students may declare the major at any time after enrolling at Portland State University, with the exception of Music, which requires admission immediately. Subsequently, students must be admitted formally to all degree programs in architecture, film, graphic design, theater arts, and the BFA in Art Practices before they will (1) be allowed to enroll in restricted upper-division courses offered by the program and (2) be graduated from that program. Students apply for formal School admission one to two terms before completing all eligibility requirements. Specific application deadlines, criteria for admission and applications are available on respective School websites.

Students transferring from other institutions who want to be admitted formally to a specific degree program must:

•    Meet all eligibility requirements.

•    Apply for admission to PSU.

•    Have one copy of their transcripts sent to the Office of Admissions.

•    Apply for program admission to the school of choice (including, if requested, one copy of their transcripts sent to the School of their choice).

Please see individual School websites for more specific admissions information.